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You can build your Shredder a piece at a time or purchase a Stage 3 Kit and assemble it all at once with your engine and frame materials. The choice is yours! All the individual components are available from Ubuilditplans.com as well as free technical advice if you need assistance. Frame materials are purchased from your local steel supplier, welding is required. Use a 4 stroke motorcycle, Industrial (Briggs and Stratton etc.) or Atv engine up to 300cc for power.
Kit combinations may be changed to suit your needs, just call or email for a price on your combination.
Kit prices do not include shipping. Call or email for shipping costs.

                STAGE 1 KIT #322                           $399.95         
  • Part #44 Tapered roller bearing front hubs
    with studs and lug nuts.
  • Part #76 3/8" tie rod kit with 3/8"
    aircraft quality rod ends.
  • Part #35 1" x 44" rear axle including
    self locking nuts.
  • Part #41A rear axle bearing kit.
  • Part #46 Brake pedal.
  • Part #47 Throttle pedal.
  • Part #53 Rear wheel hubs with studs
    and lug nuts.
  • Part #42 & 43 spindle bracket sets.
  • Part #313 SHREDDER steering shaft kit.
  • Stage 1 Kit $399.95
    Order the plans. $19.95 +
    $5.75 postage. (US & CAN)
       STAGE 2 KIT #323                   $989.95         
  • STAGE 2 Includes all of Stage 1 plus:
  • Part #56 Two 22 x 11 x 8 Knobby tires mounted on steel rims.
  • Part #57 Two 20 x 7 x 8 Matching
    Knobby tires mounted in steel rims.
  • Part #48 Heavy duty jackshaft kit.
  • Part #71 58T aluminum rear sprocket, sprocket hub with bolts
    and length of #40 chain.
  • Part #20 12" Chromed neoprene
    steering wheel.
  • Part #51 Disc brake and rotor set.
  • Stage 2 Kit $989.95
    Order the plans. $19.95 +
    $5.75 postage. (US & CAN)
              STAGE 3 KIT #324                              $1199.95          
  • STAGE 3 Includes Stage 1 & 2 plus:
  • Part #58 Heavy duty bucket seat and cover.
  • Part #62 SFI approved five way belt and harness system.
  • Stage 3 Kit $1199.95
    Order the plans. $19.95 +
    $5.75 postage. (US & CAN)

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