Front suspension plans!
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Independent front suspension plans!!

These plans show you how to build your own independent front suspension (IFS) to use on your own lightweight kart or buggy!! It's the same design used on the radical SII all terrain kart! This unequal length, dual a-arm suspension design provides up to 12" of wheel travel, with virtually zero bump steer and designed in Akerman steering! No bending required, all parts are made from straight square tubing.

WARNING!  Much of the action depicted in the photos and video on this website is potentially dangerous. An expert rider was used in making the photos/video. They  are provided to demonstrate the strength and versatility of the SII Go Kart. Always wear the appropriate safetygear and do not attempt to ride beyond your own capabilities. Plans include 40 pages of instructional text, detailed orthographic drawings and photos as well as full scale patterns for brackets.
Overall width of front end to outside of tires
is 58-1/2" with 22" x 7" tires.

Order plans online or call 978-297-3478. Click shopping cart to order IFS plans,
  just $24.95 + 5.60 postage US and Canada.

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