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Build the GROUND HAWG Backhoe yourself and save! Order the complete plans for only $69.95 + 5.75 U.S. postage. online!
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    The Ground Hawg backhoe easily walks itself around the work site with the bucket and boom. Since it's not wheel driven it's nearly impossible to get it stuck and it will get into those tight spots without tearing up the grass or making big ruts. With a tongue weight of only 100 lbs, the Ground Hawg can be rolled around wheel barrow style on firm, fairly level surfaces using the built in handles. The Ground Hawg doesn't need to be hooked up to a tow vehicle other than for over the road travel.

  10 Reasons to build a Ground Hawg Backhoe
  1. You save money.  Building a Ground Hawg yourself can save you thousands over the cost of buying a commercially built machine.  You'll not only save on the build up of the machine, you'll save on repair and maintenance cost over the life of the machine.
  2. Compared to other higher priced machines, the Ground Hawg gives you big machine performance at the small machine price.  The Ground Hawg has a 11'8" reach compared to the Trenchermans 8' reach, nearly 50% more reach!  The Ground Hawg dumps at over 6'6", high enough to load most trucks while the Trencherman dumps at a height of only 3'6". The Groundhawg not only has the extra reach, it has the extra power to tackle those tough jobs!
  3. Ground Hawg uses a 25% larger pump and has a 140 degree swing, giving you the flexibility to tackle more jobs with greater efficiency.        
  4. By building the machine yourself, you'll never have to pay someone to work on your machine.  You'll be the expert.
  5. Building your own backhoe will give you a feeling of pride and accomplishment.
  6. Save big money by doing all your excavating and landscaping projects yourself.  
  7. You can make money doing work for others.  Your Ground Hawg backhoe will pay for itself
    fast and it's always worth more than it cost to build, should you decide to sell.
  8. The Ground Hawg is designed to give years of rugged service, with replaceable pins and
    bushings and 14 grease fittings.
  9. Maintaining the Ground Hawg is quick and easy, a few shots of grease and an occasional oil change is all that's required.
  10. Don't have a lot of fabricating experience? You can still build a Ground Hawg. Our plans guide you through from start to finish with over 50 pages of  detailed instructions and drawings. A full scale pattern is included for the bucket. The plans include a complete list of all the parts, part numbers and discount suppliers you'll need to get your machine built quickly. Here's what you need to get: 8HP engine, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, fittings, control valve, pump and bracket, filter, tank, seat, wheels, trailer coupler and steel from your local supplier.
  11. Cost to build varies with location and suppliers, but it always pays to shop around for the best deals. Most builders report spending $3000 to $3500 buying everything new, less if you dig up used materials, steel, engine, seat, wheels, etc.

Free technical support with every purchase!

Backhoe Picture
     May 13, 2015
Subject: What a powerful machine!!!
Good morning Debi and Scott.
I built my Ground Hawg Backhoe over the last winter, part-time in my garage. I am not a professional welder and before starting this project, I had only built a few trailers. It took me 4 months to build. But with your very nice plans and instructions, I was able to build it all by myself. I have to say, I've learned alot of things while working on this project, especially on how to drill big holes in thick steel plate(I ended up getting a mag drill which speeds things up 20x). Also, I bought a used metal lathe and I learned to fit my bushings. Finally, it was my first time welding material this thick, but that wasn't too hard to do with multiple passes. I have added a few extras:1)Fenders and lights(required on the road in Quebec, Canada) ,2)An hydraulic thumb(which I REALLY like, very handy in the woods!!)and 3) A ripper tooth (to brake roots and remove stumps). Other than that, I used your plans "as is". I have been using my new towable backhoe this weekend to install a culvert on a new access road I am building to get to my lots(currently isolated). I WAS EXTREMELY SURPRISED AT THE POWER THIS THING HAS! Scott, you where right by saying that a 9 HP engine is enough for it. I am happy I didn't go for a bigger engine, especially that it cost close to nothing in gas (about the same as my lawnmower...). Also, since I have to drive on the highway at 70 mph for an hour to get to my lots, I have put slightly larger tires on it. I was very happy to find that it is VERY stable behind my truck. It stays straight and handles curves beautifully. I basically forget it's there when I drive! I have been extremely pleased with your plans, instructions and feedback throughout this project, so thanks again for that!!!:) Lastly, I am planning on making a video on how I use it. I will share it with you later when I am done. So again, great plans, great instructions and I am very, very happy with my new toy!!
David C.
Quebec, Canada
Click Here for more of David's pictures.

     July 14, 2014
Subject: Another Ground Hawg up and running in Sydney
Thank you very much for the Ground Hawg plans I received in the mail a few months ago. It took me three months of evenings and weekends to build the Ground Hawg. I am very happy with the outcome. I like doing things myself, I've never been involved with hydraulics before, but your simple plans gave me the confidence to give this project a go. I am so pleased, I've learned so much and I've got a useful machine. I've bought a farm and will be excavating for roads, foundations, sewer, pipes, etc.... It will come in very useful and as a owner builder will save me thousands on hire fees over the years. The cost of hydraulics in Australia is frightening....but your suggested supplier was happy to ship all the parts over to me from the States, I not only saved money, but got exactly the right parts and fittings. The parts list in your drawings with catalogue numbers was very valuable to me. The only hydraulic components I didn't get from the States were the rams. My friends and neighbours seemed a bit worried for me....building a backhoe in my garage....but the closer I got to finishing the more confident they seemed that it would work. I've got a neighbour who runs an excavation company for a living....he was very worried for me, but he is now very impressed with the Ground Hawg and has confidence that it will easily do all my farm work. He has been amazed at how quickly the project has been finished.
Thanks again, Kevin from Sydney (Soon to be excavating in Upper Colo)
Click Here for more of Kevin's pictures.

Got the plans today, wow really fast. I can't wait to get started. Thanks again, Scott R.
Backhoe Picture
     September 13, 2013
Subject: Backhoe completed!
I am finally finished. Thanks so much for all your help. I will send more pictures of it in action.
Thanks again, Rob C.

Backhoe Picture
     January 8, 2013
Subject: Backhoe
My six year old son and I had a great time building this backhoe. I used your prints from the main pivot to the bucket, then I "improvised" on the engine end of the backhoe. I used a complete riding mower, retaining the hood and gauge cluster. The blueprints and drawings were spot on and everything went together very nicely!! Great project!!
Hopefully it'll dig a hole or two once the snow melts...
Sincerely, Jess and Jackson B. from Iowa

Backhoe Picture
     November 10, 2012
Subject: Another one is digging...
I finished my backhoe earlier this year and have had several opportunities to use it. It's performed better than I expected. So far I've used it to dig up rocks and stumps--attached is a photo of the backhoe with a stump I pulled up today.
-JT from Kansas

Backhoe Picture
     November 3, 2012
Subject: Groundhawg Pic
Great Plans!!!! Great Machine!!!! Lots of fun to build!!!!
Thank you from Mark in Ontario, Canada

Backhoe Picture
     October 2, 2012
Subject: Some Photos
Hi Scott, I ordered my plans about 6 years ago and have been working on my machine off and on ever since. Life kinda got in the way a few times but I've had a lot of fun while also trying to find either the money or time to finish it. I finally got things together last week and everything worked as it's supposed to...with some minor adjustments. Now all I have to do is find somewhere to dig some holes and move some dirt! Thanks for a great set of plans which allowed me to enjoy building my hoe while learning a bunch of new skills.
Chris J.

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Backhoe Picture
     September 15, 2012
Subject:Towable Backhoe Complete
Just thought I would pass along a few pictures of my little red backhoe. I made a few changes to allow use of some components that I had. That made it mine, so I'm proud of what I turned out with. It also has tons of digging power.
Eric G.
Mt. Airy, NC

Click Here for more of Eric's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
     April 18, 2012
Subject: Backhoe I built and finished in October 2010
Building the backhoe was my winter project. The written instructions were great. Scott was always ready to help with the few questions that I had. I was able to get drops from a local steel supplier which saved in cut charges and was able to find a used Honda engine. I believe that the cost estimate was right on. Several people have looked at it and are amazed first that I built it and second how rugged the machine is. I am currently using it to cut down a bank in preparation for a new barn. It sure handles the clay soil real well. It was fun to build and fun to operate. I'm sure my son will be calling me soon to use it on some project that he has.
Hank B.
Hendersonville, NC

Click Here for more of Hank's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
     April 18, 2012
Subject: Backhoe I built and finished in October 2010
It took me 3 months working in my spare time with my brother-in-law helping me with the welding in his shop on the farm. Finished it in October 2010 and I just finished the Thumb Attachment April 11 2012. I absolutely had a ball building this backhoe! I modified the seat pedestal a bit, made of 3-1/2" square tube with 3" square tube with 3 holes drilled 1" apart for vertical adjustment and a slider for back and forth. I went a little overboard on the engine too. I got an 11hp electric start pretty cheap. The battery box is mounted on the right side on the rear crossmember. I also put 14" trailer tires with 5 lug hubs for highway towing. Well pleased with the work it does, dug a 8ft. square hole 7ft. deep the first time used and it worked fantastic.

Click Here for more of Alan's pictures.

Second set of plans from you, Love your products and can't wait to start! Allen W. Ohio

Backhoe Picture
     March 15, 2012
Subject: Backhoe Pics
Here are some Pics from Richard S. NY of his finished backhoe.

Click Here for more of Richard's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
     April 04, 2011
Subject: Backhoe Pics
Hi Scott
Here are some Pics of my finished backhoe. The Build price was probably just under the advertised cost (used engine, seat, etc.).
The only thing more fun than building it is operating it.
I keep thinking of more things I can do with it. I just might have to build that little dozer of yours. Thanks again for your affordable drawings.
Dan P.

Click Here for more of Dan's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
     March 19, 2011
Subject: Backhoe
Overall sweet little machine. I am very happy in how it turned out. Everyone in the neighborhood
thought I wasn't thinking straight when I began this project and most are amazed and impressed with how this project ended up. Once you jump into it and understand the plans it was a breeze.
Would really like to make it move a litte faster though. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jesse B.

Suggestions: You can run the engine at full throttle to increase pump flow and cylinder speed. A larger pump will also increase speed, but it will require more power as well.
Click Here for more of Jesse's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
     Jan. 30, 2011
Subject: Backhoe
Finished the backhoe and am very pleased with the results. Only a couple of minor problems but got them worked out O.K.
Now on to the Mini Dozer

David R.

Click Here for more of David's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
     Dec. 17, 2010
Subject: I have been a user of the Ubuilditplans backhoe
for over 10 years-great product.
Other than a few broken welds due to my poor workmanship,
the backhoe has worked great.
I just ordered your bulldozer plans-can't wait to get started.
Bill S.

Backhoe Picture
     Oct. 21, 2010
the backhoe is quite a machine, been in use now for about 3 years and has done a variety of work around the acreage.
A. Dockum

Backhoe Picture
     March 18, 2010   Subject: It's finished!

Just wanted to let you know I finally finished this project! I am very pleased with the outcome and am impressed by the machines abilities! It was quite costly however-I have yet to figure out my expenses but it wouldn't suprise me if I spent somewhere in the $4,000 dollar range. Nonetheless I really enjoyed building this machine and am looking forward to using it which I am about to do today!
Please find the enclosed pictures in case you want to see.
Brent H

NOTE: Cost to build varies with location and suppliers, but it always pays to shop around for the best deals. Most builders report spending $3000 to $3500 buying everything new, less if you dig up used materials, steel, engine, seat, wheels, etc.

Backhoe Picture
     November 27, 2009   Subject: Control valve

Hi Scott,
I built one of your backhoes a few years back up here near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It has been working fine over the years. Most of it I built with used and tired parts that I am slowly replacing as I can afford it. Would you have a line on a reasonably priced set of control valves?

     November 19, 2009   Subject: Dozer
Hi Scott,
It's Ken, I built one of your backhoes on my farm tractor, you have it on your website. I love that toy. I am interested in your Dozer Plans, when do you expect there will be something on your website? Thanks,
Ken, we are aiming to release the Dozer Plans by the end of the year. It's a real neat project and has a electric controlled blade with power up power down. Thanks for your interest, Scott

Backhoe Picture
     November 19, 2009
I purchased your backhoe plans this spring and built the Groundhawg to show my welding students what could be done. I enjoyed this project and I am pleased with how well-designed it is.
Lauren R. Minnesota

Backhoe Picture
     July 14, 2009 Subject: My Groundhawg project
Hi, I've finished building my Groundhawg. ................ Tonight I walked out of my shop and I'm enclosing a couple of shots of it sitting outside. Thanks for a fun project. Now I guess I'll dig some holes while I think about where I'm going to store it!
Gregory M. Sagle, ID

Click Here for more of Gregory's pictures.

     Sept. 24, 2008   Subject: Ground Hawg
I built one of your backhoes 8 years ago [I LOVE IT!]. But now I need to change the bushings. Do you still sell the bushings and thrust washers? (Yes, we do.)
Thank you,
Wayne R.

     June 12, 2008   Subject: New Projects
Well I have purchased and built all the products on your website. Now I have run out of stuff to build and was inquiring if you have any other future projects to release and if not may I make a couple of suggestions. I could really use a log splitter and lawn vacuum. After building your backhoe I was just thoroughly impressed and wanted more. I have built the go karts for my boys and have a lot of fun on them myself. You seem to have a great talent in designing and creating plans for us laymen home builders that I thought you might take request for things that we could use around the ranch.
Thank you,
Dewayne I.

Our response: Thanks for the kind words Dewayne. We have been working on some great new plans projects and expect the first to be released later this year (2009).
Thanks again, Scott
Ubuilditplans Inc

Backhoe Picture
     September 17, 2007 Subject: Digger works great, you go
It surprised me how well it dug. My land is loaded with rocky soil and about every third scoop full has at least a football size rock securely embedded. After about 5 or 10 minutes of practice I got the hang of it and was digging like crazy. In no time at all I was about 4 feet deep. I was curious, so just for the heck of it, I tried picking up my 450 lb. red box blade scraper that I tow behind my truck with the freshly built thumb attachment,....the Ground Hawg did it effortlessly.
Tommy J.

Click Here for more of Tommy's pictures.

     April 15, 2008  I built one of the Groundhawgs according to the plans that I purchased from you. I must say I am amazed somewhat by it's performance!
G. Boyd, Arizona

Thanks, got the plans in less than a week to Canada. Already gathering stuff for the winter build.Well done plans and drawings, look forward to using by spring. Rob L. Canada
Backhoe Picture
     September 15, 2007: Scott, I thought you'd be interested in the final results of my project. I bought your plans in April, started acquiring tools and a donor tractor in May and June, purchased the steel on June 27th, the hydraulics in late July, and this last weekend I was digging dirt and clearing ditches! As you can see from the pictures, there were a few modifications. The engine is an electric-start, vertical-shaft Briggs twin 16HP from the donor tractor, so the engine mount is special. I also used the seat and fuel tank combination from the donor tractor, too. I also chose bolt-on teeth shanks with replaceable teeth for the bucket. But other than that, it's pretty much as the plans call for it. I enjoyed building this very much. I keep telling my wife, "When I build the next one...." :) Thanks again for your well-engineered plans.
Todd T. Imlay City, MI (Gateway to Michigan's thumb)

Click Here for more of Todd's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
     March 26, 2007: Hello Scott & Debi, I finished the backhoe and put it to work right away. Our parking lot at the shop has been needing some repair work and the backhoe performed very well. I really enjoyed putting it together and now I am getting started on the SII. Thanks for answering all my questions.
Joe, Houston, Tex.

Click Here for more of Joe's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
     February 27, 2007: Greetings from Finland
And thank you for the plans I received a bit over a month ago. I duly set out to build the "Groundhawg" immediately after receiving those plans, mostly out of materials found at a scrap yard and now the backhoe is in the early trial states. I didn't experince any great difficulties in making the "Groundhawg", I had to do some adjustments required by the metric world and the difference in the available cylinders. Everything seems to work O.K. Anyway, thank you for the plans: I was able to make a much needed backhoe for my wife and at the same time "globalize" a few jobs to Finland from China for a month or so ( we originally contemplated buying one from China). I attached a couple of pictures of the "Maasika" ("Groundhawg" in Finish) in the making and in the ready. I haven't made the bucket yet, that remains the last thing to do, after I get my engine running correctly. I decided to make a plate to which I can attach other tools. Thanks for a good product.
Hannu K. ...Finland

Click Here for more of Hannu's pictures.

Backhoe Picture      January 23, 2007: Hey Scott, I finished building the backhoe this summer and a week later started installing a 6-1/2 foot deep foundation drain. I was digging like crazy and could not believe the large rocks I had pulled trom the trench! All my neighbors came over to check it out and they were amazed. Here are some pics of the fabrication, finished backhoe and the first project.
Thanks for a good product.
Chris ...Woburn, MA

Click Here for more of Chris's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
     December 17, 2006: Scott, I finally finished the backhoe. To say the least, this thing has awesome power! The monster stump in the picture had a system of tap roots that was unbelievable. I didn't think it would pick up the stump, but it pulled the task off with flying colors.
Ron G. ...Boonville, MS

Click Here for more of Ron's pictures.

Backhoe Picture Backhoe Picture
     Since we last spoke I have completed my Groundhawg, and set out to learn how to use it. It didn't take long and the first job I did with it was to dig out a stump about 3' in diameter! Now that might not be the smartest way to break the machine in but I figured if it can handle this it will do anything I want it to. I was really suprised at how much power this machine has. Now I'm working on the real reason I built this machine and that is to make a road down a steep hill on my property. This machine is working great and I'm about halfway down the steep wooded hill. The Groundhawg is very stable with the adjustable stablilizers. I would like to say Scott, that this was a big leap of faith to build something like this. I really didn't know if it was going to dig or just scratch the ground. It is very impressive and I had a great time building it this last summer. Now I have a capable machine that will be with me 'till the end, then someone can use it to put me in the ground with lol.
Thanks, Al M.... Tennessee

Click Here for more of Al's pictures.

Backhoe Picture
Scott, Here's a picture of me ripping up my back yard... The machine is great...Walter.
Walter K. Guilford, CT.

Today I ordered the backhoe plans. My wife and I had seen one of your backhoes in a farmers yard. Since we were looking for something similar, we stopped and asked about it. The farmer was kind enough to let us have a look at it and showed us how it operates. He said he got the plans from your company and gave us the email address. D. Goodreau Canada
Backhoe Picture Backhoe Picture
Here's some pictures I took digging around my pond. The backhoe I built has been very useful getting in tight places and not requiring a tractor to work. I am able to put it in the water and out without getting stuck!
Thanks, Bob.... Washington

Click Here for more of Bob's pictures.

Backhoe Picture Here is a picture of my machine as is for now. The plans for this machine are great, had lots of fun building it, still have to power it. Thanks for your help and for answering my questions. Gary

Backhoe Picture Just wanted to say thanks yal, this thing seems to be able to do all the work I need to do around the property. The plans were simple enough to follow and goes together pretty well. Thanks, K. Helton ... Alabama

Backhoe Picture Ground Hawg Backhoe Attachment built by N. Norcross
of Massachusetts to work his 40 acre farm.
Attached to his Case Uniloader tractor, detaches in minutes, just pull 2 pins and unplug 2 hoses with quick connect couplers.
Nice Job!

Backhoe Picture Subject: Success !
Hi Debi ! Hi Scott ! Here's a picture of me on my new backhoe. I LOVE IT ! Your "plans" are great ! The "kit" was superb ! Looking at this picture, I noticed that I have a hose bracket to install yet.. Oops ! Guess I'd better go take care of that... Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to have my very own backhoe... Regards, G. Baldwin Michigan

Backhoe Picture Scott, This is Norman From Paradise California. I just finished my Backhoe and it works great !! You were right on the 8 Horse engine, there is plenty of power. I was so afraid that the engine wouldn't be big enough. Thanks again for your plans and help , I'm very glad to have found you on the web and I just love my backhoe !!

Boy this thing is a REAL backhoe, I was surprised at the power!   
D. Burrus, Minnesota
The plans are superbly written. This is a heavy duty machine!   
B. Dodge, Massachusetts
Backhoe Picture
Here are some pictures of my stepdad digging with my completed hoe. I almost couldn't get him off it so I could have a turn!
J. Littlefield, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Backhoe Picture Backhoe Picture Here's a couple of pix of the machine in progress.
Regards, Chris

I beat the crap out of my Groundhawg digging a foundation for a cabin in the mountains, I also put in a septic and a trench for a waterline.
D. Richers, Thornton, Colorado

I am ready to build another one!   
A. Chamorro, Massachusetts
You were right about the power!   
I accomplished so much I couldn't believe it! That machine (Ground Hawg) works like a champ,
just amazing!
J. French, S. Carolina
I am pleased with the cutting and machining you do on all the parts.
   E. Anderson, Missouri
Backhoe Picture Here's Marv C's Groundhawg from Howell, Michigan. Nice job Marv!

Scott, your machine works great! If a builder follows your instructions he will have a machine that works without a hitch right out of the shop!   
M. Willoughby, Indiana
Thanks for your help! It turned out great!
M. P.
Dear Scott, Just thought I would drop you a line. I finished my ground hawg backhoe and it works great! I had to work out a few bugs do to the fact I used a joystick valve body from a full size backhoe And added a canopy. The Groundhawg tows easy (I tow mine with an S-10 pickup)set up is a snap and only takes minutes and the power is unbelievable. I love my backhoe I've done a lot of work in my own yard and made some extra money doing work for others. thank you.
E. M.
Backhoe Picture Here are a few pictures of the Backhoe my father built. It took him just over a month and a half and he loved building it. I would recomend these plans to anyone interested.
P. Morais

December 4, 2001: All the parts arrived here O.K. Picked up 4 last Friday, the other 4...bundles, box and engine came on a later barge. I got the bucket built over the weekend. Really appreciate the packing slips and part numbers on the parts, it really helps identify and understand the project. Good packaging and I am really happy with the quality and accuracy of the parts/machining. Got a wire feed welder, looking forward to a good project. Thanks again.
D. Palmer

Backhoe Picture January 6, 2002: Here's the nearly finished product. Northern tools left one cylinder out of the order, but other than no bucket cylinder it's done. It's a great project and I think the success in having all the parts fit is having you cutting and drilling. Anyway, thanks for the good product. I'm ahead of the calendar, won't be digging until spring. D. Palmer

February 1, 2002: You've been great in all the communication and help on the backhoe project. The precision of the parts was excellent and the final product shows it. D. Palmer
May 13, 2002: Scott, The ice has melted from the lake. I had the backhoe flown in by helicopter and it's now working on site. I am very impressed with the backhoe's performance. I am operating on some pretty rugged terrain and it moves around well, digs rocks and earth that couldn't be moved otherwise. I dislodged stumps with some persistence. The thumb works well. The machine tolerates some ham-handed operating as I learn it. The design is good, and the machine does exactly what it's meant to do.
Thanks for your good work and support.
D Palmer, Alaska
June 3, 2002: Report number 5 from Alaska:
Scott, I want to tell you again how pleased I am with the machine. Buying your kit was a leap of faith, considering the freight costs to Alaska and the unknown design, coupled with the fact that until helicoptered onto the site I wouldn't know if it worked well for the purpose. Bringing it out again for repairs or modifications would present major logistical and financial problems. I have worked the machine for several hours and the result has been outstanding. If there is such a thing as good geometry for linkage and bucket design, this has it. I have dug boulders from the hillside that could only be rolled with the bucket or chainsaw winch, barely. I've chipped at coarse rock, excavated stumps, and negotiated some tough terrain. The result is a building site where none existed. I have moved enough dirt to clear a 24x24 construction site, with an 8' high bank on the uphill side. For remote sites this machine has proved to be tough and capable. It's taken more than its share of abuse and it's going strong.
thanks again, D Palmer

Here are a few pictures of the backhoe. The plans are well written and I've been able to get through it without a lot of confusion or mistakes. I really appreciate your good work in cutting and drilling the materials. The pictures with the plans help a lot in picturing how things go together.
D. Palmer, Alaska
Backhoe Picture Backhoe Picture Backhoe Picture
Click Here for more of D. Palmer's pictures and an update on his remote cabin site in Alaska.

Click picture for video clip of the Groundhawg in action!Click for video clipVideo clip shows the Groundhawg digging in hard rocky soil and picking up a big log with the thumb attachment! Allow time to load, especially if you have a dial up connection.

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